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Our Everett Plumbers Will Analyze Your Water Usage

Plumber in Everett, WA installs a low flow sinkEven in the absence of a water crisis, there's no reason you can't take measures to conserve water in Washington, too. We can provide water use analysis for your home or business, targeting specific areas where you can conserve water.

We can recommend eco-friendly, energy-efficient water faucets, shower heads, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters. All of the little things you do to save water add up to one big chunk of savings, both on water use and spending.

Tips to Save Water (and Money) in Your Home

An Everett plumber can help you save waterThere are many things you can do to save water throughout the year. Below are just some of our favorites that we recommend to our Everett residents.

  • Take shorter showers—this is an obvious but easy means of water conservation
  • Water your plants when it's cooler outside—the outdoor heat quickly evaporates water, meaning less gets to your plants and you'll have to water more frequently.
  • Regularly monitor your water bill—is there an unusual spike in your bill? This could be a sign that you have a leak somewhere. Call our Everett plumbing team for an inspection ASAP.
  • Plant flowers, shrubs, and trees that are draught tolerant—these plants require less water and are still a way to beautify your front and backyards.
  • Compost when you can—using the garbage disposal requires running water. Instead, set up a compost heap outside that doubles as garden fertilizer.

There are many more ways for you to save on water. We'll gladly talk with you over the phone about various water-saving plumbing options that we can offer you today. We are ready to help you help the earth.

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