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Sewer Repair in Everett, WA

Rigid Seesnake video camera used by our Everett sewer repair teamEven the best sewer system won't last forever. Over time, and you'll start running into more and more leaks and pipe fractures, resulting in less than stellar sewer performance. While we can help extend the life of your system with our rooter services, eventually it will have to be replaced.

The good news is that we perform traditional sewer line repair in a safe, timely, and affordable manner. You can trust our team of repairmen and women and know that we always have your safety and budget in mind.

If you notice any problems with your sewer line, we'll perform an extensive video inspection ASAP and get started on the repair of your sewer line so you can return to normal in next to no time. When the repair is finished, you won't even notice we'd been there – we're that good!

Know How to Preserve Your Sewer Line

Sewer lines are susceptible to a number of different damaging conditions, some that are in your control. When you flush non-biodegradable objects down the toilet or kitchen sink, you are putting your sewer line at risk of developing clogs.

Jake is performing a sewer repair in EverettHair and soap scum that build up in your shower and are not properly removed can move down into the unseen parts of your sewer line, melding with grease poured down the kitchen drain and other solid debris.

This blockage places a great amount of pressure on your pipes, leaving the opportunity for leaks and blockages. Cold weather also puts pressure on your pipes, freezing them and making them vulnerable to breaks. Earthquakes and shifting soil can disrupt the placement of your pipes, causing kinds and breakage as well. Tree roots and poor initial layout are additional risks to your sewer line.

If you notice any strange sounds coming from your indoor plumbing, it's time to call our professional sewer line repair technicians and schedule an inspection today.

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We Perform Open Trench Sewer Replacement

Sewer line exposed during an open trench replacementMany other plumbers are opting for trenchless sewer replacement, but we find that open trench sewer replacement is safer, more reliable, and poses less threat to your property. Since trenchless sewer repair relies on a bursting head that deliberately cracks your older sewer pipe, it is possible for other utility lines to be damaged in the process. The last thing we want to do is to knock out a client's power or internet while replacing their sewer.

The other disadvantage of a trenchless sewer re-lining is that it follows the path of the old sewer line, even if it has shifted, wasn't installed properly, or your property has shifted around it. That means that a new trenchless sewer line might have the same problems as your old line, including improper drainage or water pooling at a low spot in the line. Not only will this cause problems with your sewer, but it may also fail inspection and lead to a costly correction.

When you're ready for a sewer replacement in Everett, call the team that still does it the old fashioned way, so you know it will be done right the first time.

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We provide zero obligation on-site estimates for all sewer repair jobs. Call today and let's get the ball rolling.

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